Sheets are supplied in Natural / Tan

1.60mm to 25.40mm

Standard sheet size is 1220mm x 2440 mm

High temperature and high strength laminate. Laminate is a material filled, continuous strand fibre-glass mat reinforced thermoset unsaturated polyester material. SG200 offers much higher mechanical strength with temperature ratings of up to 210°C, it provides numerous high performance features and benefits such as flexibility and excellent dielectric strength at elevated temperature. It also exhibits the highest UL temperature index in the industry for flexible glass-reinforced polyester

General information Unit ASTM/UL Mpa
NEMA Grade —-
Tensile Strength Psi D638 12,500 86.18
Tensile Modulus Psi x106 D638 1.7 11,720
Flexural Strength Psi D790 29,000 199.94
Compressive Strength Psi D695 36,000 248.2
Shear Strength Psi D732 11,000 76.53
IZOD Impact Strength (notch) Ft.Ib./in D256 12
Water Absorption % by wt. D570 0.3
Specific Gravity ——- D792 1.70
Electrical Strength-perpendicular S/T in air Vpm D149 500
Electrical Strength-perpendicular S/T in oil Vpm D149 625
Electrical Strength-parallel S/S in oil Kv D149 50
Arc Resistance Sec D495 120
IEC Track Resistance (CTI) V UL746A 500+
UL High Voltage Track Rate In./Min UL746A 0
Permittivity 60 Hz ——- D150 4.6
Dissipation Factor 60Hz ——- D150 0.037
Permittivity MHz ——- D150 3.7
Dissipation Factor MHz ——- D150 0.013
Insulation Resistance Ohm x 1012 D257 145
UL Subject 94 ——- UL 94 HB
UL Hot Wire Ignition Sec UL746A 0.028in./35
UL Hot Amp Ignition #Exposure UL746A 200+
Oxygen Index % O2 D2863 21.8
Coefficient of thermal expansion In/In/ºC x 10-5 D696 2
Thermal Conductivity BTU/Hr/Ft2/In/ºF C177 1.7
UL Temperature Index
>Electrical ºC UL746B 210
>Mechanical ºC UL746B 210
UL Recognition File Number ——- ——- E81928

The information in this data sheets gives general characteristics of the material. Whilst all possible care has been taken to ensure this information is correct the manufacturer cannot accept any liability nor is any liability on the part of the manufacturer or supplier to be implied as a result of the data given as conditions and methods of use are beyond our control. The user must confirm suitability for the application prior to commercial use.

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