NAD-11 is an asbestos-free cement board with excellent electrical properties. A high density cement board reinforced with inorganic fibers, NAD-11 is suitable for application requiring continuous operation in temperatures up to 500°C (940°F)

Machined Components:
Our machines shops are equipped with numerically controlled machine tools to produce precision components to customer specifications

•Cathode support pads
•Platen insulation
•Element supports
•Oven cladding
•Furnace plates
•Induction furnace

•Dimensional Stability
•Mechanical strength at temperature
•Non combustible
•Good machining characteristics
•Chemically inert
•Asbestos free

Available Forms
Sheets: 915mm x 1220mm
36in x 48in
silicone dipped

Available thickness
10mm – 100mm
0.4in – 4.0in

Physical Properties
1840 kg/m3
115 lb/ft3
Water Absorption (D570)*
Maximum service temperature
540 ºC
1000 ºF
Continuous service temp. (D794)*
500 ºC
940 ºF
Compressive strength (D695)*
105 MN/m2 after 27 ºC
15,500 lb/in2 after 80 ºF
Electrical Properties
Dielectric Strength (D149)*
3.4 KV/mm
87 V/mil
Arc resistance (D495)*
330 sec

Flexural strength (D790)*
9 MN/m2 after 705 ºC
1285 lb/in2 after 1300 ºF
Thermal Conductivity
ºC ºF W/(m-K) BTU-in/ft/hrºF
20 70 0.52 3.6
120 250 0.56 3.9
150 300 0.59 4.1
Thermal shrinkage after 24 hours
ºC ºF Linear %
500 930 0.76
705 1300 1.00
Volume resistivity (D229)*
1.00 x 1010 Ohm/cm
2.54 x 1010 Ohm/in

*Based on ASTM standards*

The information in this data sheets gives general characteristics of the material. Whilst all possible care has been taken to ensure this information is correct the manufacturer cannot accept any liability nor is any liability on the part of the manufacturer or supplier to be implied as a result of the data given as conditions and methods of use are beyond our control. The user must confirm suitability for the application prior to commercial use.

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