Eatons’ Bussmann series NH horizontal fuse switch disconnectors are specifically designed to be used with NH fuse links. All energised metal parts are fully protected against accidental contact. These are manually operated switches and the making and breaking is dependent on the speed of the operation with clamps (i.e. screws/V-terminals/2V-terminals) and cable shrouds for cable terminals.

• Designed for installation onto mounting platess, 60mm or 100mm busbar system
• Making and breaking operation should be done with determined movement
• Parallel moving, double contact system
• Suitable for top or bottom cable terminal connection

Mounting: Panel Mount (Fuse body size 00 to 3)
35mm DIN rail mounting (Fuse body size 000)

Front Protection Rating:
• Built-in device, closed cover, measuring holes filled: IP30
• Built-in device, open cover, IP20

Utilization Category rating:
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Single Pole Holder:
Single pole holders available, please contact sales

Size 4 Fuse Holder:
Holders for size 4 fuses available, please contact sales

IEC60947-1,3 EN 60947-1,3 CE


Three Pole Part Number Fuse Body Size Ampere Rating Voltage Rating Terminals
BFH00-3A-F 000 (00C) & 00 160A 690VAC / 250VDC M8 Screws
BFH1-3A-F 1 & 1C 250A 690VAC / 250VDC M10 Screws
BFH2-3A-F 2 & 2C 400A 690VAC / 250VDC M10 Screws
BFH1-3A-F 3 & 3C 640A 690VAC / 250VDC M12 Screws

The information in this data sheets gives general characteristics of the material. Whilst all possible care has been taken to ensure this information is correct the manufacturer cannot accept any liability nor is any liability on the part of the manufacturer or supplier to be implied as a result of the data given as conditions and methods of use are beyond our control. The user must confirm suitability for the application prior to commercial use.


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