White Ant Meter Frames are a great alternative to metal meter boxes. Hand crafted and Australian made.

The White Ant Meter boxes are made from Insulpanel “Type X” switch panel, fire-retardant “Fibre Cement” back panel, Australian Plantation pine frame and Nefalit 11 insulation.

• Wooden frames mean no earthing is required
• The panels are pre-drilled for service fuses and neutral link
• Fully insulated sides and back
• Removable front hinged panel
• Australian made

The three sizes available are off the shelf. Custom frames and panels can be ordered

H = 374 mm
W = 204 mm
D = 75 mm
16mm Cable max
1x SP meter
1x Electronic meter or 1x Multiphase meter
1x Service Fuse
1x Neutral bar/link
H = 400 mm
W = 380 mm
D = 83 mm
16mm Cable max
1x Multiphase meter or 1x SP meter
3x Service Fuses
1x Neutral bar/link
H = 590 mm
W = 400 mm
D = 83 mm
16mm Cable max
2x or 1x Multiphase meter
2x SP meter or a combination of above
4x Service Fuses
2x Neutral bars/links

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